Community... What a Concept

The SHAREcenter Spotlight

April 12, 2023 Community Concepts
Community... What a Concept
The SHAREcenter Spotlight
Show Notes

Special guest Lisa Rodrigues joins us to share some exciting updates on The SHAREcenter, a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing reusable resources and supporting Maine's environment, education, and economy.

Since Lisa last joined us, The SHAREcenter has moved its Lewiston location! The SHAREcenter is now located at 1830 Lisbon Street in Lewiston, which will also be the home of the organization's new retail store, "The Green for ME Emporium." The store will be open to the public and will sell clothes, furniture, household goods, and other items at discounted prices. All proceeds will help cover the costs of the SHAREcenter's operations.

Volunteers are needed at the new SHAREcenter location and with the organization's many upcoming plans! For more information, please contact Lisa at or leave a voicemail at 207-333-6671.

For more information, be sure to check out The SHAREcenter's new website or visit their facebook page

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