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HEAP & Winter Energy Relief Program Spotlight

February 22, 2023 Community Concepts Season 3 Episode 4
Community... What a Concept
HEAP & Winter Energy Relief Program Spotlight
Show Notes

Lisa McGee, Energy Manager at Community Concepts, joins us to share updates on the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) and to announce the Winter Energy Relief Program, a new initiative providing additional energy assistance to Maine residents.

If you live in Androscoggin or Oxford County and are struggling to afford heating your home, please call us! We can determine what assistance you are eligible for. 

  • You may qualify for HEAP if you are a: renter, renter with heat included, homeowner, subsidized renter with heat not included, employed or unemployed, or have income earned by wages or other sources.
  • If you qualify for HEAP, you may qualify for many other programs. Our team will help direct you to those programs once your application has been approved. 
  • If you are over income for HEAP, you may be eligible for the new Winter Energy Relief Program. This program provides an $800 payment directly to your vendor, funded by the energy relief bill passed by Maine State Legislature and signed by Governor Mills in January. 
  • Emergency Fuel Assistance is available for anyone in danger of running out of heating fuel (oil, wood pellets, kerosene, etc.).

To apply, please call us: 
207-795-4065 or 207-743-7716
TTY Relay: Dial 711 to connect to a Maine Relay Operator

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