Community... What a Concept

The Pink Feather Foundation Spotlight

October 19, 2022 Community Concepts Season 2 Episode 30
Community... What a Concept
The Pink Feather Foundation Spotlight
Show Notes

Meredith Cook with the Pink Feather Foundation joins us to share about the Foundation's work and mission to improve the lives of students by partnering with teachers to provide students with clothing and accessories at no cost.​

Through the Foundation's unique design, students in need of clothing are given access to an online store where they can "shop" for items that fit their personal style. All items ordered are delivered to the student's school in a Pink Feather Foundation branded package within 2 business days. Students are given the option to bring the package home themselves or have a parent or guardian pick it up.

Pink Feather Foundation currently serves students and teachers in MSAD 17 and RSU 16.

Volunteer opportunities are available to help sort and organize donations, as well as fulfill orders.

To learn more, visit the Pink Feather Foundation's website or Facebook page.

Special thanks to Williams Broadcasting for producing our show.

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