Community... What a Concept

The Table Spotlight

September 28, 2022 Community Concepts Season 2 Episode 28
Community... What a Concept
The Table Spotlight
Show Notes

Guests from The Table, a nonprofit based in Norway, join us to share about the many ways they serve our community, including weekly clothes giveaways, community breakfasts, group outdoor activity opportunities, and more!

FREE clothing giveaways take place every Tuesday & Wednesday from 1-5pm at The Table, 160 Main St., Norway.  

FREE community breakfasts take place every Saturday at 8:30am at the Norway Grange at 15 Whitman Street in Norway. Everyone is welcome.

The Table's Healthy Outdoor Group (also known as the HOGs) also hosts free outdoor group activities throughout the year, including hikes and kayaking adventures. The group meets at different locations throughout the Oxford Hills area, and their meetup schedule is posted on the Table's Facebook page.

To learn more about The Table's programs, services, and to apply to become a volunteer, contact The Table at:
(Phone) 207-744-2557

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