Community... What a Concept

Resilience Matters to ME Spotlight

September 07, 2022 Community Concepts Season 2 Episode 25
Community... What a Concept
Resilience Matters to ME Spotlight
Show Notes

Emma DayBranch, Lisbeth Wierda, and Brendan Schauffler join us to share about Resilience Matters to ME, a community project focused on helping build resilience and a healthy community in the Oxford Hills area.

Comprised of a group of community members from many different walks of life, Resilience Matters to ME is spreading messages about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and resilience across the community. The project is based on decades of research about ACES, showing that the more challenges we face when younger, the greater our risks for poor health and quality of life, unless we build resilience or the ability to bounce back and keep moving forward.

Why is this important? Childhood adversity is very common, not only in our community, but around the country. In Oxford County, 25% of high school students report having 4 or more ACES. Resilience Matters to ME is working to ensure all community members, no matter what age, know about the effects of ACES and the many resources available to help everyone build their resilience and a healthier community.

To learn more about Resilience Matters to ME messages and for resources and support opportunities, visit Be sure to also be on the lookout for the messaging and how you can get involved throughout the Oxford Hills region!

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