Community... What a Concept

Rotary Club of Oxford Hills Spotlight

August 17, 2022 Community Concepts Season 2 Episode 23
Community... What a Concept
Rotary Club of Oxford Hills Spotlight
Show Notes

Special guest Patty Rice of The Rotary Club of Oxford Hills joins us to share about the many ways the Club serves our community and more.

As stated in the Club's mission statement, The Rotary Club of Oxford Hills is a diverse group of service-oriented men and women providing hands-on and financial support within Oxford Hills and beyond.  The group exemplifies "Service Above Self" while encouraging high ethical standards, enjoying fellowship and promoting world understanding, peace and goodwill.

A few projects sponsored each year by the Rotary include The Mary Lou Burns Dictionary Project, providing all third grade students in SAD 17 with dictionaries, May Day Play Day, a day of fun and free activities for kids and families hosted at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School (OHCHS), and Lobsters for Scholars, seafood meals sold to support the scholarship fund for OHCHS students.

The Rotary is always looking for new members and is excited to support new endeavors to help the community in any way a member feels passionately about. The Club meets every Wednesday at the 1st Congregational Church in South Paris (17 East Main Street) at 7:30am. Members are not required to attend every meeting.

For questions, to sign up to join, and to learn more, please contact Club President George Rice here.

Special thanks to Williams Broadcasting for producing our show.

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