Community... What a Concept

YMCA of Auburn-Lewiston Spotlight

April 27, 2022 Community Concepts Season 2 Episode 12
Community... What a Concept
YMCA of Auburn-Lewiston Spotlight
Show Notes

Special guest Steve Wallace, CEO of the YMCA of Auburn-Lewiston, joins us to share about the organization's mission, history, and commitment to our communities. The Y offers a diverse range of healthy, fun and educational programs at three different locations in Auburn for kids, teens, and adults of all ages.

The Y has been part of the greater Auburn-Lewiston community for more than 100 years. The organization will soon be looking for a new home base and is always accepting donations! You can partner with the Y in a number of different ways, including volunteering, writing a check to support your favorite Y cause, and making an online donation. 

Interested in becoming a member? Visit the YMCA of Auburn-Lewiston's website today!

Special thanks to Williams Broadcasting for producing our show.

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